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3 Peşmerge Captured By ISIS Near Mosul


(ANF) Three members of a special forces unit of the KRG were taken prisoner by the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) near Mosul yesterday. In a separate incident two soldiers with the Peşmerge were killed and two more wounded in a bombing attack on the border with Rojava.

According to local media reports the three peşmerge special forces (Zerevani) members were captured after their vehicle accidently entered an area controlled by ISIS fighters. Reports say the soldiers are alive, although they had been abused by their captors.

Peşmerge forces have been fighting ISIS along a broad front of northern Iraq and South Kurdistan following the occupation by ISIS of Mosul on June 10 and the retreat of the regular Iraqi army from the region. A number have been killed and scores wounded in the clashes. Peşmerge forces gained a signifcant victory last week when the occupied the city of Kirkuk following the departure of the Iraqi army.

In a separate incident yesterday two members of the peşmerge security services from Zaxo were killed and two more were wounded in an ISIS bombing attack in village of Sinni near Rabia on the border with Rojava, according local Zaxo health official Dr. Qereni Seid quoted in YNK media. YPG have been cooperating with peşmerge units along the KRG/Rojava border against ISIS in recent days.

In a further incident 6 peşmerge were killed and 20 wounded in an air attack by the Iraqi army in the region of Xaneqin. It is not yet clear if the attack was intentional or a mistake.

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