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ISIS Massacres In Serêkaniyê


(ANF) Forces attached to the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham have assaulted a number of villages near Serêkaniyê today, where they carried out a series of massacres early this morning. According to preliminary information at least 15 people were killed, including women and at least seven children.

According to information sent from Serêkaniyê by an ANF reporter, ISIS gangs attacked the vıllages of Tileliye, Temade, Ovencake and neighboring hamlets, where they killed everyone they found.

Early images from the villages show large numbers of bodies. One images shows the bodies of one women and four children. One child had its internal organs removed.

Smoke continues to rise from the villages, with images emerging of local residents fleeing from their homes. One of the villagers still in shock from the massacres is seen kneeling up again a wall with his head between his hands.

Following news of the massacre, YPG forces moved into the area and violent clashes between ISIS and YPG forces are still continuing in certain areas.

ISIS gangs were also engaged by the YPG as they attempted to enter the villages of Til Xenzir and El Rewiye.Tens of ISIS members are reported to have been killed in the fighting. A statement regarding the fighting from the YPG is expected soon.

In a further development, the ISIS carried out a car-bomb attack on the village of Temad, also in the vicinity of Serêkaniyê. It has been learned that large number of local civilians were killed and wounded in the attack.

According to YPG sources the massacres of civilians by ISIS forces followed successful operations carried out against the ISIS by the YPG in the villages of El Rawiya and El Dehmaa.

The ISIS gangs, which have close relations to Turkey in particular around Til Ebyad and Cerablus, launched a larger assault on the Kobanê Canton of Rojava to the East of Serêkaniye, in the Cizîre Canton. However the ISIS attack was broken by the YPG, with ISIS suffering heavy losses.

3 comments on “ISIS Massacres In Serêkaniyê

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  2. Jenny Cecilia
    May 30, 2014

    so sad

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