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Önder and Zana Visit Hewler, Meet With Barzani


(ANF) The co-president of the HDP Sırrı Sürreya Önder and independent MP from Diyarbakir Leyla Zana have traveled to South Kurdistan in order to deliver a letter from the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan to KRG President Mesut Barzani. While in South Kurdistan Önder and Zana also met with KCK officials, as well as with the Prime Minister of the KRG, Neçirvan Barzani.

Önder and Zana held a press press conference in Hewler (Erbil), the capital of the KRG. Önder began by emphasizing Öcalan’s status as a popular leader, saying “here we are talking about the leader of a people. One of the important components of this peace process is unity among Kurdish parties and forces. Mr. Öcalan is involved in a great effort for the freedom of the peoples and also wants that there be peace among Kurds.”Following meetings with President Barzani, Önder told the press that the pair also met with various KCK officials as well as with Prime Minister Neçirvan Barzani, and in Önder signaled that the meetings would continue.

Zana condemned the February 15th international plot that led to the imprisonment of Öcalan, and called herself and her colleagues a bridge of authority until and in order that Kurds might win their legitimate rights. Zana confirmed that the pair had delivered Öcalan’s letter to Mesut Barzani and they would convey Barzani’s response to Öcalan. Finally Zana added that Öcalan sends his greetings to the people and officials of the KRG.

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