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Operations around Hesekê Continue, Tiwêna Liberated by YPG


(ANF) YPG/YPJ forces continue to make progress in the “Revenge Operation for Til Temir Martyrs” Operation which began two days ago. Today the YPG announced that they had completely driven al-Qaeda and its affiliates from the town of Tiwêna, located on the road between Hesekê and Til Temir, and as of 12:00 PM the town was under its control. Groups affiliated with al-Qaeda had been using Tiwêna as a base to launch attacks in the region.

The success followed the capture of two neighboring villages of Elwan and Mişêrfe yesterday. In addition they captured a chicken farm, a hotel, and a number of rest stations that had been used as a local al-Qaeda headquarters. At least 12 al-Qaeda members and 1 YPG fighter were killed in the fighting.


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