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Turkish Government Office converted to an Al-Nusra Headquarters

TİGEM headquarters in Ceylanpınar

TİGEM headquarters in Ceylanpınar

The offices of the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TİGEM) in Ceylanpınar, directly across the border from Serêkanîye, has been converted into a Al-Nusra Headquarters according to a report in today’s Özgür Gündem. The Turkish Government office was converted into a headquarters and barracks for al-Nusra and other affiliated groups after the Serêkanîye border crossing fell to the YPG. The base is now supporting these groups in their attempts, backed by Turkish armed forces and intelligence, to hold on to their remaining territory around the village of Til Xelef.

TİGEM, as one of the largest farming operations in the area and with lands directly on the border, has also offered these groups other points of entry into Syria. According to the report two further crossings have been opened on land under TİGEM control. One mobile bridge was placed across the Habur stream directly across from the village of Til Xelef and around 3 kilometers from the Serêkanîye-Ceylanpınar crossing. The second runs through TİGEM controlled agriculture land between the districts of Ceylanpınar and Akçakale.

Al-Nusra, together with allied organizations such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and the support of foreign intelligence and armed forces, launched a major offensive on YPG positions throughout Rojava this July. Although the offensive was repulsed, and in many cases reversed, fighting continues on a number of fronts.

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