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Karayılan Issues Stern Words For ISIS, Threatens New Measures

HPG General Staff Commander Murat Karayılan has warned ISIS that it has further methods at its disposal to counter its terror, according to a report from Yeni Özgür Politika. Karayılan … Continue reading

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Blow Struck Against ISIS in Sinjar City Center

The Sinjar Defense Units (Kurdish: Şengal) launched an operation against ISIS gangs in the Sinjar City Center yesterday evening, according to a report from DİHA carried by Özgür Gündem. At … Continue reading

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Fighting Intensifies South Of Kobanê

(ANF) Yesterday evening forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) attacked the village of Kon Eftar, 35 km to the south of Kobanê. Following intense fighting, YPG … Continue reading

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Karayılan: The People Of Kobanê Will Not Be Abandoned

(ANF/BEHDİNAN) Peoples Defense Central Headquarters Commander Murat Karayılan has addressed  guerilla Newroz celebrations in the Kandil mountains, where he made a call that the people of Kobanê not to be … Continue reading

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