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BDP/HDP Delegation Returns from Kandil

A BDP/HDP Delegation has returned to Turkey from the Kandil mountains, where it had traveled yesterday, December 29th, to meet the with members of the KCK. Pervin Buldan, the BDP … Continue reading

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KCK Executive Council Releases Statement Concerning Imprisoned BDP MP’s

The KCK Executive Council has released a new statement concerning the denial of release to imprionsed BDP MP’s. According to an article in Özgür Gündem, the written statement is a … Continue reading

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Police Attack Demonstration for Gever in Diyarbakir

(ANF) Police have attacked demonstrators in Diyarbakir who were protesting the killing of two civilians in on Friday. The demonstration was organized in response to the killing by riot police … Continue reading

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Women Take the Initiative for Rojava

(DIHA) Helime Yusif, the Coordinator for Foreign Relations of Yekitiya Star, told members of civil society organizations and the press at a panel on “Gender, Violence, War and the Rojava … Continue reading

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Women and Youth March Against the Wall of Shame in Istanbul

Hundreds marched in the Şişli district of Istanbul to protest the “wall of shame” being built between Nusaybın and Qamişlo and the recent execution of Kurdish political prisoners in Iran, … Continue reading

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BDP MP Kürkçü: Gezi was an Uprising Proper for the 21st Century

The BDP MP from Mersin, Ertuğrul Kürkçü, took part in a panel over the weekend as of part of the ongoing “Conversations on Rebellion” program at the Kumbara Art Workshop in … Continue reading

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Organizing for Democracy after the Failure of Government Reform

According to a report in today’s Özgür Gündem, the Democratic Reform Package announced by Turkish PM Erdoğan on Monday is coming under wide criticism. Turkey’s democratic forces have stated that … Continue reading

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