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People Of Cizre Vow Resistance Will Continue As Curfew Lifted


Speaking of their anger at Turkish state for carrying out attacks that terrorized the city for days and killed dozens of local civilians, residents of Cizîr (Cizre) have vowed that the resistance in the city will continue, reports a new article from DİHA and carried in Özgür Gündem.

The people of Cizîr poured out onto the streets to celebrate victory this morning as the curfew was lifted at 07:00  local time. The people had Cizîr had suffered through a siege of state terror for the past 8 days, since the curfew was first imposed on September 4th.

As the people emerged from their houses onto the streets and avenues of the city they also encountered HDP MPs, lawyers and health workers who had come to Cizîr to give their support but for who days were prevented from entering the city by the Turkish security services. Thousands of locals joined in celebrations of victory as they were finally able to enter the city from the İdil road.

‘Erdoğan the murderer’

As they convoy entered the district people also emerged on their balconies and along the streets and avenues to send out cries of support and wave victory signs. Locals also showed a strong reaction to Turkish president Erdoğan, who they accused of given the order for the regime of state terror, shouting out slogans such as ‘Erdoğan the murderer.’

During the same time Turkish police remaining in the city center were forced to pull back in their armored cars as the number of people on the streets grew stronger.


Reactions To Extrajudicial Executions

People in the Cudi neighborhood of Cizîr also showed their anger at state violence as they gathered to carry the body of 80 year old Mehmet Erdoğan who was killed by police in the area last night. HDP MPs who were among the group attempted to comfort members of his family who were at the front of the funeral march. An ambulance which was only allowed in the area after the lifting of the curfew took Erdoğan’s body to the morgue of the Cizre State Hospital.

Huge Anger Toward The State

Following the funeral many people from surrounding districts went toward the Nur neighborhood, which had suffered the most from the State’s attacks. Friends and family greeted each other and embraced in the streets as they raised signs of victory. The HDP committee also went to the Nur neighborhood with a large number of press workers, where locals explained their experience of days of state terror for which they laid the blame on Turkish President Erdoğan for giving the command and other state officials were covering up or denying the murder of civilians.

Supplies Reach The City 

Local people vowed the resistance would continue as they attempted to get urgently needed medicine and other supplies to the sick and wounded, who had been deprived of all access to such goods. Trucks carrying food from Idil were finally able to enter the city after having been prevented from doing so for days by the state. People took the supplies to their homes with backpacks or handcarts. The local municipality is also in the process of beginning clean-up work to restore the city to its normal state.

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