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KCK Calls On People Of North Kurdistan To Ignore Curfew, Remain On Streets


A statement released by the co-presidency of the KCK has called on the people of North Kurdistan to ignore the curfews imposed by the Turkish state and to remain on the streets, according to a report from ANF.

The statement read:

Our people who have declared self-government, everywhere and in particular in Gever (Yüksekova), should not head the [Turkish State’s] curfew nor leave the streets and squares to the forces of occupation. The right of the people to proclaim self-government and to govern themselves is their most natural right. Our people are claiming this legitimate and natural right. No power has the right to attack this right. Our people’s democratic resistance and will for self-government will certainly prevail. The fascist, authoritarian, hegemonic and culturally genocidal colonialism of the AKP government will be defeated.

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