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Promises Of Justice For Victims Of ISIS Bombing In Qamişlo


Condemnation continues to grow following a truck bombing carried out by ISIS in the Enteriyê neighborhood of Qamişlo yesterday that killed 10 civilians – including at least one child – and wounded 56, according to an article in Özgür Gündem.

In a statement the autonomous government of Rojava has said this attack is evidence of ISIS’s wider defeat in the region and promised justice for those who lost their lives in the attack.

Man in Qamişlo have pointed the finger both at ISIS and the Turkish state, saying that such attack was further evidence of cooperation between Turkey and the extremist group. However local people added that no attack would break the will of the people for freedom.

Aslan Qamişlo, a member of the central commander of the Qamişo Asayish (public security service) said that ISIS had chosen to target civilians when it was unable to attack Asayish headquarters.

The Attack A Result of ISIS-AKP Alliance

A statement released by the general coordinating body of the Rojava Cantons gave details of the ISIS attack, which took place in an industrial park just next to Qamişlo Asayish Headquarters. The statement also said that attack was a sign of ISIS’s larger defeat in Rojava, reading in part:

“ISIS gangs have suffered a rout in the region. For this reason the are attacking the values of humanity through such terrorist actions. Such actions mean that the ISIS project, with all of its support from the AKP, is collapsing.”

The statement went on to condemn the attack and offer condolences to the victims and their families.

“The target of the attack was Asayish members”

Aslan Qamişlo from the canton’s Asayish services added that while the target of the attack had been the Asayish center the attackers detonated their bomb when Asayish member Ziad Necar, who was killed in the attack, prevented them from approaching the center.

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