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Workers of the World – Unite In Kobanê!


As preparations continue around reconstruction work in Kobanê, Mustafa Kaplan Akyol, the General President of the Union of Construction Workers said that laborers across the border would contribute to the project, according to an article from DIHA and carried in Özgür Gündem. He added that “since the beginning of the world until now we have been working for capital. Now we will build Kobanê for ourselves.” Akyol then made a call on all workers to take part in the reconstruction if the city.

As the Conference on The Reconstruction of Kobanê comes to an end in Diyarbakir, a further call was made to the people of Kurdistan and around the world to take part in the reconstruction of Kobanê. In the conference’s charter it was written that ‘hand in hand and with faith in our cause we will give the best response to all imperialist powers by rebuilding Kobanê together.’ Meanwhile the Union of Construction Workers had announced that it will actively take part in the reconstruction of the city. As preparations are finalized they will begin with the construction of a health clinic in Kobanê. The President of the Union Mustafa Kaplan Aykol added that ‘it is we workers who build the world. We will make a substantial contribution to reconstruction of Kobanê.”

Akyol noted that all the materials for the health clinic had already been collected as part of its ‘You Too Lay A Brick To Build The Bridge Of Labor’ campaign, saying “our main concern is not only to build a health clinic, but also to convey a message to all peoples at construction workers. We are going there to Kobanê as Turks, Kurds, Lazes, Circassians and all peoples living in these lands and to convey the message that true brotherhood is not built with words but by doing things.

Akyol added that they would be in Kobanê as workers with their labor and the sweat of their brows, saying “we will build a health clinic but wherever the people of Kobanê need our labor and sweet we will be there and be there until the end.” He explained that preparations for the health clinic and already finished and that they could start immediately and that this news had been conveyed to officials in the Kobanê Canton. A campaign had been launched in order to acquire the necessary supplies and was a major success. Akyol said the goal was have workers from all peoples participating in the construction of Kobanê.

‘We Have Built For Capital For Years, Now It’s Time To Build For Ourselves’

Akyol concluded his remarks with a call to all construction workers of the world, saying ‘Come let us all build Kobanê together.’ He added that ‘For years since the world has existed until now we have done this work for capital. We have carried out construction projects – schools, management buildings and hospitals for capital. The people of Kobanê – Kurds, Arabs, Yezidis – need our labor. We will go and build for ourselves.”

3 comments on “Workers of the World – Unite In Kobanê!

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  2. Steve Applebaugh
    May 14, 2015

    This is wonderful! I will try to find a way to join the workers for Kobanê.

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