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Kobanê Residents Continue To Return Home


5 families from Kobanê who had been staying in the district of Erciş in Wan (Van) province  following the ISIS assault on the city have been able to return home after the victory of YPG and YPJ forces, says an article from DIHA appearing in Özgür Gündem.

Family members shared their excitement to return home with reporters from DIHA. Mehemmed Isman noted that warriors of the Kurdish freedom struggle had brought together the entire Kurdish people and that the resistance in Kobanê had proven this, saying “after the ISIS gangs attacked our home we came to Erciş. We have been here for months. We cannot express in words the kind of devotion which the people of  Erciş has shown us here. A reality has once again emerged here. The Kurdish people are now united. This unity will liberate the whole of Kurdistan just as it has liberated Kobanê.”

“Kobanê is a rose from the garden of paradise”

Isman added that Kobanê was a rose which had fallen from paradise owing to the pain of the Kurds, saying “if it wasn’t for Kobanê the Kurds would not have known each other so well. The unity of the Kurds would not have proved itself to the world. The YPG and YPJ liberated Kobanê and Şengal (Sinjar) together. Long live Kobanê, long live the PKK, long live the YPG, long live the YPJ.”

‘Kurds will struggle for one another’

Another resident of Kobanê, Şemso Walî, described how the people of Erciş had opened their homes to them and taken responsibility, adding that “with Kobanê the Kurdish people had proved their unity and togetherness to the world. Let everyone know this well: the life and death of us Kurds is one and the same. Our tranquility and our fight, our joy and our battle is one. Wherever in the world Kurds are oppressed all Kurds will mobilize and will struggle tooth and nail.”

‘The resistance of women has become a world historical symbol’

Xanim Isman, another guest from f Kobanê, spoke of the importance which the PKK had given to the mission of women and its enabling them to fight for their own freedom, saying “the entire world has become witness to the determination of the resistance of Kurdish women and their seizing of freedom. The resistance in Kobanê achieved victory because of women. In the course of the Kobanê resistance women proved that Leader Apo’s statement that ‘Kurdistan will be liberated through a women’s revolution’ was correct. It was the life and color of women which presented Kobanê as a gift to the Kurdish people. The Arin’s, Viyan’s, Dicle’s and Beritan’s shone like the sun in the sky and will continue to shine. Let those who want to make enemies of the Kurdish people or to assimilate them read well the stories of these Arin’s and Viyan’s and then let them think twice. The youth and women of Kurdistan are fighting with the faith and conscience that Kurdistan will be liberated. Even if you fight against this faith with the most powerful weapons you will still lose.”

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