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Three Days Of Mourning Declared For Victims Of Newroz Attack


Three days of mourning have been declared across Rojava in memory of the victims of yesterday’s bombing attacks on Newroz celebrations in city of Hasekê (Al-Hasakah), says an article in Özgür Gündem. The declaration was made by the general coordinating body of the three canton administrations of Cizîrê, Kobanê and Efrîn.

A statement released by the coordinating body condemned the barbaric attacks carried out by ISIS gangs as local people gathered to celebrate Newroz, which marks the beginning of the spring and the new year.

The statement read: “ISIS gangs carried out this barbarıc attack against civilians, mostly women and children, and showed their complete disregard for the values of humanity. As a result of this attack, which was carried out by these gangs after they have been defeated in the battles of Kobanê, Til Hemîs and Til Berak, dozens of civilians celebrating Newroz were killed and hundreds more were wounded.”

It continued, “We as the general coordinating body of the Rojava Cantons condemn this save attacks which were planned by dark centers and carried out against a civilian population” It went on to commemorate those killed in the attack as the ‘martyrs of 2015 Newroz.’

The statement also declared three days of mourning for the victims of the attack in the Cizîrê Canton. It also offered condolences to the families of the injured and the dead and wishes of a speedy recovery on behalf the Coordinating Body of the Rojava Cantons and promised to continue their struggle.

It ended with a call for people to join in the funeral processions of the martyrs and to support their families.

One comment on “Three Days Of Mourning Declared For Victims Of Newroz Attack

  1. rebeljill98
    March 24, 2015

    saluton from osaka. by the way, i tried to put this into japnese words. following URL shows you japnese translation(very crass): thanx. (a disposable daylabor)

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