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Marching To Celebrate International Women’s Day In Kobanê


Members of the YPJ have marked Women’s Day In Kobanê in Kobanê with a procession to the Martyr Dicle Cemetery where they left flowers on the graves of YPG/YPJ fighters killed in the resistance against ISIS, according to a piece from DIHA and carried in Özgür Gündem.

Events to commemorate March 8th International Women’s Day were organized under the leadership of Yekitiya-Star. The march was joined by hundreds of women and started from the Yekitiya-Star building. Women shouted slogans such as “Ji Kobanê heya Şengal’ê em hemû YPJ’ne” (From Kobanê To Sinjar We are All YPJ) and carried flags of the YPJ, YPG, and TEV DEM. Marchers also carried posters of YPJ and YPG fighters killed in the battle against ISIS.

‘The YPJ is Struggling Against the Oppression of Women’

The march continued toward the Martyr Dicle Cemetery located on the Aleppo road. Here Azime Deniz, a YPJ commander, addressed the women. Touching on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s March 8th message, Deniz said “ in the message he sent us Leader APo said that he would not want to live in a city where even one woman was oppressed. We, fighters in the YPJ, are struggling so hat not a single woman remains oppressed and we too do not want to live in a place where women are oppressed and disrespected.

After Azime spoke Fatma Oso, an organizer with the Association for the Family of Martyrs (Saziya Malbatên Şehidan) also addressed the crowd, wishing a happy International Women’s Day to all those women present who were walking the path laid down by the martyr Arîn Mîrxan.

Following these remarks the women left flowers on the graves of YPG/YPJ fighters who had been killed defending Kobanê.

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