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Turkey’s Different Colors Joining Under The Banner Of HDP


Many different groups and parties around Turkey are responding to the Democratic Peoples’ Party (HDP) ‘new life’ call, says an article in Özgür Gündem.

As major leftist and women’s movements have announced their support of the HDP in the upcoming election, Alevi and Armenian intellectuals are also signaling their intentions to stand as HDP candidates. All of this has been taken as growing evidence that the HDP will be able to pass the 10% election threshold imposed on all parties attempting to enter Turkish parliament.

Partizan and the New Democratic Women (YDK) movements have officially announced their intentions to actively support the HDP in the upcoming June 7th general election. In a statement released by Partizan the group pointed to its goal of supporting the Kurdish movement, as well as the strongly democratic program which the HDP has proposed to address issues concerning women, the environment, oppressed nations and minorities, LGBTI rights, oppressed faiths and youth as reasons for its decision. It added that it would use its work to support the HDP during the elections as an opportunity to strengthen the revolutionary and democratic front and to fight back against chauvinism.

The statement went on to describe how the Kurdish movement formed the backbone of the HDP and had come to define its basic orientation. It argued that the HDP’s in passing the election threshold would have a positive effect in all areas of struggle, while showing that the demands of the Kurdish nation were not being ignored. It concluded that this success would only deepen the crisis currently faced by contemporary hegemonies and that Partizan would unite with and actively support the HDP in all areas in the run-up to the election.

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