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Syriac Christians: Hear Our Cry


ISIS is once again targeting the ancient peoples of Mesopotamia. The Syriac Military Council has said that the abduction by ISIS of hundreds of Assyrian-Syriac Christians in Til Temir had ‘genocide as its goal’ and made a call to the world to move into action, according to an article from Özgür Gündem. DBP co-mayor of the Greater Mêrdîn (Mardin) Municipality Februniye Akay, herself a Syriac Christian, also made a plea for people around the world to ‘hear the growing cries coming out of from the Middle East.”

ISIS killed dozens of civilians during attacks on Assyrian/Syriac/Chaldean Christian villages in Til Temir in the Cizîrê Canton of Rojava and abducted hundreds. Thousands were also forced to flee out of fear for their lives. In a written statement which called on the international community to move toward action, the Syriac Military Council also requested military aid such as ammunition and heavy weapons for itself and the YPG.

Precautions Should Be Taken Against Such Savagery

The statement of the Syriac Military Council continued, reading “These actions taken by the ISIS gangs against the Syriac people were undertaken as a continuation of ISIS policies of forced migration and genocide carried out against the Christian residents of Mosul and Ninova. The goal of these policies is to break off the Syriac, Chaldean and Assyrian peoples together with the Yezidi and Shabak Kurds from their native homelands and force them to migrate. Precautions should immediately be taken to prevent further savagery. We are calling on international powers and all democratic forces around the world to prevent these massacres which threaten the existence of our Syriac people and the Christian community of the region. We call on international powers and the international coalition fighting ISIS to do what is necessary to fulfill their duties and responsibilities to fight the ISIS gangs and to support the resistance of the Syriac Military Council, the Xabur Defense Units and the YPG. We ask that that these powers provide us with military supplies and heavy weapons in order to change the balance of the battle against ISIS and prevent the spread of the ISIS gangs through the region.”

A War Of Existence

The council’s statement concluded by saying “we call on all our our people to actively support our military forces and to join the Syriac Military Council. Our people should rise to their feet with the sacred duty of defending our lands which is a historical responsibility.”

Joint Statement From Defense Forces

On the 6th day of the ISIS attacks on Til Temir and its villages the YPG, the Xabur Defense Units and the Syriac Military Council took part in a joint press conference. At the press conference Levend Efrîn represented the YPG, Riyad Levendo represented the Xabur Defense Forces and Habur Ebreham represented the Syriac Military Council.

Levend Efrîn spoke first in the name of the YPG saying that the resistance against the gangs would continue and that the “YPG is together on the same front with the Assyrian Military Council and the Syriac Military Council. We are preparing for important developments which will take place over the coming period. We will be a surprise to our people.”

Riyad Levendo, an Assyrian speaking in the name of the Xabur Defense Forces, then addressed the press, saying “we will defeat the gangs here as happened in Kobanê. All three forces are together against the gangs and they will never defeat us. Nor will the defeat of the gangs be limited to this area, but they will be destroyed throughout the whole of Syria.”

Habur Ebreham spoke last in the name of the Syriac Military Council, saying ISIS was created enmity among the peoples of the region and that “this enemy was attacking the brotherhood of the peoples. We will liberate Jazira (Cizîrê) region together and after that we will clean the gangs from Afrin (Efrin). We will resist together until our last drop of blood.”

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