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Til Hemîs Liberated By Joint Operation Of YPG/YPJ, Syriac Units And Local Arab Tribes


The YPG and YPJ have headed off one more threat to the Cizîrê Canton, says an article in today’s Özgür Gündem. Forces under the leadership of the YPG/YPJ have succeeded in liberating the whole of Til Hemîs from ISIS following operations which began a week ago and at the request of local communities. Militias from local Arab tribes and Syriac units also actively participated in the operation.

Til Hemîs, which had served as an ISIS base within the Cizîrê Canton, has now been entirely cleared of ISIS fighters. The operation, which lasted a little more than a week, succeeded in liberating hundreds of neighboring villages before liberating the center of Til Hemîs itself.

Joint Operation

YPG/YPJ forces, who succeeded in liberating the city center on the 7th day of the operations, received support from the units attached to the Syriac Military Council, Sutoro Units and Cêş El-Senadid (Army Of the Brave) – a military force made up of local Arab tribesmen. These forces launched a joint, comprehensive operation against the center of Til Hemîs beginning yesterday at 10:00 am local time and succeeded in completing clearing the town of ISIS forces by 15:30.

Prior to the push to capture the city center, which took place on the 7th day of the operation, these forces had captured 95 nearby villages as well as all of the strategic positions around the city. At least 211 ISIS fighters, including a number of commanders, were killed in the course of these operations. Guerrillas attached to the Revolutionary Headquarter also took active part in the operation.

Strategically Located

Til Hemîs is a  city 76 km to the northeast of Hesekê (Al-Hasakah), 41 km south of Qamişlo and an important part of the Cizîrê Canton. It also lies 40-50 km west of the Til Koçer border crossing. Under its ‘Arabization’ policy the Baath regime previously confiscated Kurdish lands in the area and distributed them to tribes it settled in the region.

YPG: Til Hemîs Liberated

A statement released by the YPG press center the city is entirely under the control of the YPG/YPJ. More detailed information about the operation will be released later. Search and destroy operations are continuing in the nearby area.


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