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Kobanê Mother: ‘Turkish Soldiers Burned My Son To Death, No Different Than ISIS’

Hedlê Mihemed

Hedlê Mihemed is a mother from Kobanê who has 3 sons and 3 daughters fighting against ISIS in Rojava, according to a story from DIHA and carried in Özgür Gündem. Another son, Lokman,  joined the PKK in 1999 and lost his life in 2006. According to reports he was captured alive by Turkish soldiers and then burned to death. Showing his photograph to reporters, his mother Hedlê told DIHA that there is ‘no difference between ISIS and the military.’

It has after her son Lokman Ali (Rojhat Kobanê) was killed, Hedlê says, that her other children joined the freedom struggle. Lokman himself first joined at the capture of Kurdish Popular leader Abdullah Öcalan and served in Botan, Zap and Zagros.

Her Son Was Burned Alive

Lokman was taken captive together with a companion Salih Gezer (Serbest Kıçi) during clashes on July 22nd, 2006 on Gabar mountain. Hedlê explains how she later learned from his comrades that both Lokman and Salih were burned to death by the soldiers following their capture. After his death her other children began to join the freedom struggle. 3 of her sons now fight with the YPG while 3 of her daughters are fighting with the PKK. She herself was forced to flee the fighting with her disabled son, her wife and 2 grandchildren and is currently staying in the district of Pirsûs (Suruç) in Riha (Urfa) Province.

We Will Live In Kobanê

Hedlê Mihemed said ‘ISIS is burning people. Turkey also burned my son. I would have wanted to fight with my children against ISIS, which has the same attitude as Turkey. Hedlê added that she did not know the location of her son’s grave, saying ‘it is my greatest wish to find the bones of my son. I want to retrieve the bones of my son and live in Kobanê as it becomes free.’

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