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Returning Home To Kobanê


550 more families have returned home from Pirsûs To Kobanê following the latter’s liberation from ISIS gangs, according to an article from Özgür Gündem. Those returning to Kobanê told the paper that ‘we are returning home thanks to the YPG/YPJ fighters who risked their lives to offer us this freedom’ adding that they hoped to celebrate Newroz on Miştenûr Hill.

Once Again In The Lands Of Revolution

The families returned to Kobanê from Pirsûs (Suruç) across the border in Turkey, where they fled after ISIS launched a full scale attack on the town beginning in September of 2014. According to the Return Commission which has been set up in Pirsûs about 10 families are returning to Kobanê everyday. Residents of Kobanê who want to return apply to Return Commission, set up in the DBP District Office in Pirsûs, who help to coordinate their crossing through the Mürşitpınar Border Gate.

‘We Have Made The Borders Meaningless’

As thousands of Kobanê residents have simply crossed the border fences to return to Kobanê others have been left waited excitedly to return their homes through the official border crossing. Ehmedê Cido, who is waiting to return to the village of Qişlê just outside of Kobanê, added that he also felt at home in the houses of North Kurdistan. Noting how the approach and the help offered by the people of North Kurdistan had left them greatly pleased, he added that “together with the people of North Kurdistan we have rendered these artificial borders meaningless. We are returning home thanks to the YPG/YPJ fighters who risked their lives to offer us this freedom. From this point on we will all feel the same emotions and take part in the same struggle.”

Newroz On Miştenûr

Yazê Mislim, another resident  Kobanê staying in the Kader Ortakaya Tent City set up in Suruç, said that they were looking forward to the day when they too would return and hoped to be in the city in order to celebrate Newroz on Miştenûr. 60-year old Nahile Heci added that “we will go together to Kobanê and rebuild the city together with the people of North Kurdistan who have not let us want for anything.”

Kobanê Must Be Declared An International Disaster Zone

Meaning while the findings of a report released by a 12-person delegation formed from members of Amed (Diyarbakir) Provincial Coordinating Body of the Union of Societies of Engineers and Architects of Turkey (TMMOB) which had traveled to Kobanê to assess the damage in the city were announced at press conference in the meeting room of the Society of Civil Engineers. Turan Kapan, the secretary of the TMMOB, made the announcement in which noted that 80% of the city had been destroyed, saying “ Kobanê needs to be declared an international disaster zone. An call for emergency aid must be made to International housing and refugee organizations.”

Naim Reunited With His Mother

The family Naim, who remained in the the city throughout the battle and became known as ‘the madman of Kobanê when on the first day of the resistance he told reporters “Naim will die but he will not leave these lands to them” has also returned. Naim’s younger brother Silêman Besro told the paper ‘today our days of missing him have ended. As for Naim’s mother Sara Teybo, the rose of  Kobanêm, said “as I fled from  Kobanê with my old aunt out of fear for our lives, Naim stayed behind. I missed my son very much. We are returning to him and to Kobanê. Now thanks to the YPG we are returning back to our homes. May God bless all of those who have helped us to see this day.”

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