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Despite Promises KDP Failed To Protect Yezidi Community

Xeyrî Şengalî

Xeyrî Şengalî

The following piece is a translation of report written by Kawa Husen for ROJEWS in Sulaymaniyah and was carried by Özgür Gündem. It has been translated into English below.

Before the ISIS attacks on Şengal (Sinjar) which began on August 3rd, 2014 officials from the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) had told local Yezidis that “there are 12 thousand Peshmerga and Zêrevan to protect you” says prominent Yezidi Xeyrî Şengalî. However Şengalî noted that when ISIS did attack the local peshmerga failed to protect them, saying “these forces told us not to worry about ourselves and that they would protect us. However later when they basically fled from Şengal the Yezidi people were left to face the bloody attacks of ISIS. As a result we have 14 thousand Yezidis dead or taken prisoner.”

Nothing Was Done For The Yezidis

“Until now the KRG has not done one of the necessary things for the Yezidis. Everything that has been done up until now has been done by aid organizations or other groups” Şengalî said. He added that the Yezidi community continues to face many problems and that certain people in Kurdistan continue to ask why they do not become Muslims. He continued by noting that the Yezidis had never been allowed to have a force to protect themselves, saying “in fact they look upon this with hostility. Today there are 3 thousand Yezidis on Şengal mountain. After the peshmerga fled from Şengal the Yezidis here made a decision to protect themselves and organized for this. However certain groups were opposed to this and actually forced many to say ‘We are peshmerga for the KDP and Barzani.’”

On the subject of the newly formed Constitutive Assembly of the Yezidis, Şengalî said “all political factions should be united and should work to protect the lands of the Yezidis while staying away from narrow party interests.”

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