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The PKK Should Remain In Sinjar


The following article – “PKK Şengal’de kalmalıdır” – was compiled by Botan Gulan and Mahsun Şerif for ANF and was carried in Özgür Gündem. It has been translated into English below.

Yezidis in the Şengal (Sinjar) mountains who have been resisting ISIS attacks for seven months have responded to the request of the KRG government and its press that HPG guerrillas should leave the region and to the government’s denial of the guerillas role in the war against ISIS.

Şekir Hisên Xidir, a Yezidi man from the village of Gir İzêr, said “the withdrawal of the PKK from Şengal would mean the death of thousands of Yezidis.” Adding that if the PKK were to leave Şengal nothing would remain of the Yezidis and enemies would capture the area, Xidir expressed his hopes that all the political forces of Kurdistan would unite, saying “our enemies are one. All Kurds should unite and fight against the enemy. The government of South Kurdistan should not be saying this area belongs only to me, let no one else come here.”

We Trust The PKK

Xidir went on to describe how up until now it has been the PKK that has worked tirelessly for the Yezidis, saying “everyone should know the value of the PKK…it was they who saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Yezidis, Shia, Turkmen and Arabs, and it was for us that they saw so many of their own martyred in these lands. The moment that they tell the PKK to leave will be the time we follow the PKK wherever they go. We do not trust anyone but the PKK. We want the PKK to remain here.”

Xelef İlyas, another local Yezidi, added that many PKK had fought and been martyred in the second lands of the Yezidi, saying “we do not want them to leave these mountains.”

The KDP Should Make An Alliance

A third local man, Hesen, expressed his hope that the different Kurdish parties could reach an agreement, saying “if the PKK had not been here not one of us would have remained alive in these mountains. We support an alliance between the PKK and KDP and would be pleased by this.”

They Protected Us At The Base Of The Mountain

Xoxê Cindî from the village of Xanesor stressed that those who identified with the ideas of Kurdish Popular Leader Abdullah Öcalan had protected them, saying “those walking in the footprints of Leader Apo protected us at the base of this mountain. We do not want our friends to go. If the guerillas leave no one will be able to live on the mountain. In fact those who go to the camps in South Kurdistan have fallen into a trap. My desire is that the guerrillas do not leave Şengal.”

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