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Salih Muslim: We Will Rely On Our Own Strength To Rebuild Kobanê


PYD co-President Salih Muslim has spoken to Stêrk TV in a new interview about the Kobanê victory, the city’s reconstruction and cantons’ relations with foreign countries, according to a new article from Özgür Gündem.

Muslim began by responding to a question about the reconstruction project in Kobanê,  emphasising that Kobanê would rebuild itself relying on its own strength. He went on to that that a commission had been formed and work around this question had already begun, saying “the people of Kobanê will decide the future of the city and we who are a part of this commission will carry out this decision. The people of Kobanê will rebuild the city in a manner fitting the resistance [it had shown]. Some are suggesting a new city should be put together, some are saying a portion should be turned into a museum, and others are saying it should be rebuilt as it was. A final decision has not yet been made. There are many countries and international organizations that are willing to support us. We are open to support however just as during the resistance we will rely on own strength to rebuild Kobanê.”

We Are Meeting With The Tribes

Muslim added that the region around Girê Spî (Til Abyad), which falls between the the Cizîrê and Kobanê cantons and is currently occupied by ISIS would be liberated within the coming period, saying “we have been communicating with some Arab tribes there. They also want to take part in our administration. We will liberate that area from ISIS.” Further remarking that the “Kobanê victory had shown the whole world that ISIS will be broken and defeated and that the whole world watched Kobanê with admiration” Muslim went on to say that this victory would lead to the defeat of ISIS in the whole of Syria.

An Official Invitation To The Cantons

Muslim, touching upon recent meetings in Cairo and Moscow, said that these meetings had recognized the Rojava autonomous administrations and had officially invited them to take part, adding that “the Kobanê resistance had shown the value of the policies undertaken by the Rojava administration.” Commenting on the Turkish state’s hostile attitude to Kobanê he added, “We were expecting them to adhere to the laws of neighborliness. I hope that after this they will back away from this approach.”

Eblak On The Side Of Kobanê

Residents of the district of Elbak (Başkale) in Wan (Van) province have launched a support campaign for Kobanê under the rallying cry “Our heat is in Kobanê.” A committee formed of regional DBP and HPD co-presidents, artisans and shop-owners, and locally elected communities leaders is carrying out this campain in rural areas. Saim Aşkan, who spoke in the name of local artisans, told reporters that “we stand beside the people of Kobanê with our lives and our material support until the very end.”

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