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As ISIS Flees Kobanê Signs Of Their Cruelty Continue To Emerge


Although ISIS has been forced to pull back from Kobanê following its heavy defeat in the city, even more evidence of its cruelty continues to emerge from the ruins, according to an article from  Özgür Gündem.

The partially buried body of a young ISIS fighter who was tortured and then executed by the group was found on Miştenûr hill. The boy’s hands were tied around his back and the lack of decomposition suggested that he had been recently killed. While a piece of paper with “Îsûd el-Xîlafa” was found on his corpse the boy’s name remains unknown.

ISIS is reported to have cut off the heads of many of its own members whom it accused of cowardice or desertion, and to have used young children in their truck-bomb suicide attacks.

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