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5 More Villages Liberated In Kobanê


YPG/YPJ forces liberated 5 more villages today in operations which began this morning, according to an article from DIHA and carried in Özgür Gündem.

Operations by the YPG/YPJ to clean ISIS from the villages around Kobanê continue following the liberation of the city center. According to a statement from the YPG press center,  5 more villages were liberated today in operations which began this morning while actions to liberate 2 more continue. On the western front YPG/YPJ forces retook the village of Zorava and Minaz, from which ISIS had launched a series of mortar attacks against the city over recent days in which 9 civilians were wounded, before liberating the villages of Şikeft and Dolê. On the southern front 11 ISIS fighters were killed in an operation against the village of Êdik following the liberation of the village of Gulmet. On the eastern front YPG/YPJ forces destroyed at least one ISIS vehicle in an operation designed to recapture village of Til Hecib.

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