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YPG/YPJ Clearing ISIS From Remaining Parts Of Kobanê


Forces of the YPG/YPJ have sped up operations to push ISIS elements from the Eastern front of Kobanê following their victories on the Western and Southern Fronts, according to a new article by M. Zeki Çiçek and Çağdaş Kaplan written for DİHA and carried by Özgür Gündem. Selahattin Halep, a YPG commander in Kobanê, explained that only four avenues remained to capture before ISIS would be entirely defeated in the Eastern end of the city, adding that the operation would continued in a disciplined and coordinated fashion and that ISIS would be entirely pushed from the area within the shortest possible period.

The historical resistance shown by the fighters of the YPG/YPJ in Kobanê in the face ISIS attacks has entered its 133 day. Over the past month these fighters have met great success in their efforts to push ISIS from the city as part of the larger “Kobanê Liberation Push.’ They have sped up their advance since recapturing Miştenur Hill, one of the most strategic points in the city, on January 19th. Following the liberation of Miştenur YPG/YPJ fighters launched an operation to clear ISIS from the southern entrance of the city and succeeded in pushing them from the city within just a couple of days. The YPG/YPJ is now beginning an operation to liberate villages on the Eastern end of the city and is pushing forward with the goal of entirely cleaning the eastern districts of remaining ISIS elements.

Advances Continue In The East

YPG/YPJ fighters on the Eastern Front had already liberated important strategic points such as City Hall and the PYD party building as part of the month long operation to retake the city. After the capture of Miştenur they were able to retake the Sukul Hal and the Asayish (Public Security) building. Following upon the success the YPG/YPJ launched a new operation over recent days in which they captured the Sharia school, Seyda street and two more avenues which extend from Miştenur to the border [with Turkey]. Remaining ISIS forces are now concentrated in the area around the Kaniya Kurda. The YPG is planning a new push which will drive them out of the area, effectively completing the liberation of the Kobanê city center.

Determination Among The Rubble

As we followed YPG/YPJ fighters along their Eastern advance we encountered a city in ruins. Months of attacks with ISIS heavy weapons have severely damaged many of the buildings. However there is a determination on the faces of the YPG/YPJ fighters, whose rapid advances are becoming more obvious by the day.

The Liberation Of Miştenur Enabled Us To Advance

We speak with Selahattin Halep, a YPG commander on the Eastern Front who informs us about the advances made by YPG fighters in the area around the Kaniya Kurda. He explains that the liberation of Miştenur by YPG/YPJ fighters last week entirely changed the direction of the battle and enabled rapid advances along the Eastern front. Halep confirmed that their forces had begun an operation to push ISIS entirely from the Eastern end of the city.

“Four Avenues Remain – We Are Advancing In A Controlled Manner”  

Halep added that ISIS would not be able to hold on in the city following the YPG’s most recent advances, saying that only four avenues remained until ISIS was entirely pushed from the city. However owing to the possibility of mines and other booby-traps their forces would be advancing slowly and in a controlled manner. Halep said that “ISIS only has a presence in the city now along the Eastern front. On the Southern and Western Fronts ISIS has been pushed from the city and only the Eastern front remains. We will have entirely pushed the gangs from this area within a short period of time.”

A giant red, yellow And green flag flies from the top of Miştenur Hill - Photo:  Çağdaş Kaplan

A giant red, yellow And green flag flies from the top of Miştenur Hill – Photo: Çağdaş Kaplan

3 comments on “YPG/YPJ Clearing ISIS From Remaining Parts Of Kobanê

  1. jonathanlk
    January 26, 2015

    Last week the Anti-ISIS coalition announced we had killed about 1/3 of the ISIS population. And the allegiance against ISIS is still growing. The world should be encouraged that Kobani is free again. It is a key city and now ISIS is less a threat to Turkey, is weakening all around and losing its grip in Iraq.

  2. Inez Deborah Emilia Altar
    February 16, 2015

    Next time think of Faithless Virgins but in tranquillity

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