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Kobanê On The Verge Of Complete Liberation



YPG/YPJ fighters taking part in the final operation to clear Miştenûr Hill and the southern front of all remaining ISIS elements are now saying  that within a short time the whole of Kobanê will be liberated, according to an article from Özgür Gündem. The fighters have called on others to come and join them in their final push, saying “we have now reached our victory lap, come and let us deal the last blow to the enemy shoulder to shoulder”. Below are the words of the some of the YPG/YPJ fighters advancing against ISIS in Kobanê.

Mistefa Mihemed: With the operation along the Southern front we have thrown ISIS out of the city entirely. This means that all doors are closed for ISIS on the Southern front and in the city center. We liberated the main hospital, the ring road along the entrance of the city and the area around the Aleppo road.

Vîyan Avareş: We are close to the liberation of Kobanê. We as YPJ fighters made a promise: We would liberate Kobanê and we would not surrender. We kept our promise. I am speaking to the youth of Kobanê: we have now begun our victory push, come back and lets give this last blow to the enemy together.

Şeyda Kobanê: The Southern front is a front where a lot of our female comrades were martyred. We promised that we would liberate this front in the memory of our martyrs and we kept that promise. We promised our people that we would liberate Kobanê. We are very close to realizing this promise too.

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