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Sibel: A Symbol Of International Struggle


The following article is an English translation of “Enternasyonal mücadelenin simgesi: Sibel” which originally appeared in Turkish in Özgür Gündem.

The resistance against ISIS in Kobanê which has been going on for more than three months has become a symbol of international struggle. Sibel Bulut, a MLKP fighter who lost her life resisting in Kobanê where she fought in the name of international solidarity, has gone down in history with the likes of Arîn Mîrkan and Kader Ortakaya.The Istanbul branch of the Democratic And Free Women’s Movement (DÖKH) has released a written statement about Sibel Bulut (nome de guerre: Sarya Özgür) who lost her life fighting against ISIS. In the statement, which pointed to how the women’s revolution in Rojava continued to grow, claimed that all the attacks against Kobanê and Rojava more generally were being carried out consciously [owıng to this fact].

They Have Become The Road To Freedom

The statement drew attention to all the female fighters who had been killed in Kobanê, reading: Comrade Sarya, a warrior in our struggle for the freedom of women who wholeheartedly defended the revolution on the barricades in Kobanê, showed that our freedom struggle is for all the peoples of Kurdistan and Turkey and that they will not back away from this unity, just as Arîn Mîrxan and all of our female comrades and all of our martyrs for this cause have also shown. They opened the road to victory and freedom for Kobanê and for the women’s revolution.”

Kobanê Will Be Crowned With Victory

The statement went on to say Sibel had gone down in history as a symbol of women’s resistance and of freedom, reading “as you carry the revolution in all directions we make this promise to you, comrade Sarya: Kobanê will be crowned with victory, Kobanê will be liberated and the march of the women’s revolution will go forward to victory despite all attacks. Together we will build democratic socialism and the democratic nation.”

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