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YPG Cuts Important ISIS Supply Line


The YPG has cut an important ISIS supply line to Kobanê, according to a report from ANF carried in Özgür Gündem. The road runs from Rakka and Til Ebyad through Helinc and has been under YPG control since 03:00 local time yesterday evening.

The YPG Kobanê Command announced the capture of the road in a written statement. The text of the statement reads:

“The most important supply line used by ISIS in its attempt to capture Kobanê, which runs from Rakka and Til Ebyad and passes through Helinc has been under the control of our forces since 03:00 yesterday morning.

Until now three gang vehicles and 1 motorcycle have been destroyed. The gangs, who attacked to retake the road, were repulsed and suffered severe losses. Until now 15 ISIS fighters are able to be confirmed dead.

With this operation we are extending the process of liberating Kobanê to all areas. As we increase our resistance within the city on one side, we will turn every point of black earth in the rural parts of Kobanê into a point of resistance on the other side.”

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    November 14, 2014

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