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ISIS Attacks On Civilians Increasing In Kobanê


ISIS attacks on civilians in Kobanê have increased over the past two days, according to a report from DİHA and carried in Özgür Gündem. The ISIS gangs, which have been dealt a series of blows in recent fighting around the city, have increased their use of mortar attacks on civilian areas – killing 8 people, including 3 children, and injuring a further 19 in a period of 48 hours.

The first attack took place at 14:00 local time in a civilian neighborhood close to the  city center. Five rounds struck the area, where three families lives, although one round did not explode. A child was killed in the attack, and six more people were wounded.The child – 8 year-old Azize Kuno – was struck in the abdomen by shrapnel and later died in Suruç State Hospital. 18 year-old Heyder Yusif, who was wounded in the chest, was taken to Urfa for treatment following the first attacks. 21 year-old Abdullatif Mihemed and 23 year-old Asma Ebdo are being treated in Suruç State Hospital. The remaining injured were treated in Kobanê.

The mother of  8 year-old Azize is reported to have “ISIS are animals. What did they want from us? We were unarmed.” She pledged to remain in Kobanê and to bring the body of her daughter back to the city for burial.

Second Attack On The Border Near Tilşeîr

The second ISIS attack occurred to the west of Kobanê along the border near Tilşeîr around 16:00 local time. ISIS targeted the area – where a large amount of civilians had taken refuge with their vehicles – with 3 consecutive mortar strikes. 17 year-old Rezan and 60 year-old Ubeyt Mihemed were killed at the scene, and 8 year-old Iwa Ebdo died in Suruç State Hospital following the attack.  At least 10 people were also injured. Asîman Elî (age 50), Mihemed Bekir (age 21), Mistefe Adem (age 13), Ome Elî (age 24), Munir Mehmud Ebdo (age 5), EbdilkadirXelîl (age 51), Munir Ebdo (age 50) and  Evdila Qaso (age 24) were also taken to Suruş State Hospital for treatment. Others, more lightly wounded, received treatment in Kobanê.

Attacks Increased Over Past Two Days

These are not the first ISIS attacks against civilians and ISIS has increased its attacks upon civilians over the past two days following setbacks in the city. Yesterday ISIS gangs murdered a 66 year-old civilian named Bekre Xoran with an assault rifle after he lost his way while returning home. The day earlier another mortar attack against civilian targets killed 7 year-old Dilber İbrahim, 26 year-old father-of-one Egîd Nebo and father-of-four Nebo Elî. İbrahim İbrahim, Agirî İbrahim and Mahmud Ebas were wounded in the same attack.

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