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The Kobanê Resistance Gaining Ground


The following report was compiled by Ersin Çaksu and Denis Osoy and appeared today in Özgür Gündem.

The YPG/YPJ launched a common operation together with Peshmerga and Burkan El Firat forces against ISIS fighters deployed in villages along Kobanê’s western front. As YPG/YPJ launched the operation, which was carried out under the auspices of the YPG high command, the Peshmerga also attacked from their positions with Dushka heavy-machine guns and Katyusha rockets. The operational headquarters of Burkan El Firat also supported the operation.

YPG/YPJ fighters also continued their actions on Kobanê’s eastern and southern fronts. As city fighting continues on these two fronts, fighting on the western front remains outside of the city center. YPG/YPJ fighters also carried out effective actions along the Izahe ridge and around the villages of Pêndir, Sûsanê and Siftek in which many ISIS fighters were killed.

Turkish Army Blocks Access To the Press

Members of the press attempting to document the operations along the western front were obstructed by Turkish soldiers. The soldiers did not allow journalists who wanted to watch the operation on Tilşeîr hill from the village of Boydê in the Pirsûs (Suruç) district and drove them away from the border.

21 ISIS Members Killed

The YPG Press center announced that heavy fighting had taken place on all three fronts around Kobanê. They announced that from Sunday afternoon until today at least 28 ISIS members, including 3 commanders, had been killed and the gangs had been pushed back following violent and close-quarter fighting in many places. 4 YPG fighters and 2 Burkan El Firat fighters were also reported to have lost their lives in the fighting.

Meanwhile it was also reported than an operation launched by the YPG and Şengal Defense Forces (YBŞ) around the Solak to the east of Şengal (Sinjar) mountain succeeded in capturing a large amount of military equipment and ammunition.

ISIS Again Attacking Civilians Along Border

ISIS, which is suffering many blows in Kobanê, has once again started to attack civilians. A resident of Kobanê named Necip Reşad Seydî was killed by ISIS fighters as he waited by his car in the no-mans region along the border near the village of Siwêdê in Pirsûs. Seydî was 32 years old. The district of governor of Suruç Abdullah Çiftçi called HDP MP İbrahim Ayhan to inform him that Seydî’s body was in the Karaca Hudut military base. As a car was sent to retrieve his body it was learned that no clashes had been taking place in the area and that ISIS fighters had intentionally opened fire and killed Seydî.

Seydî Was Left To Die

According to eyewitnesses Seydî – who was from the village of Jibilfereç in Kobanê-  was shot in the calf by ISIS fighters as he walked over to his car. The witnesses that Turkish soldiers did not allow those present to help Seydî for two hours, and brought his body to the military base only after he died due to loss of blood.

We Are Advancing

YPG fighters on Kobanê’s eastern front, where street-to-street fighting is ongoing, reported that their moral was high and that they had struck many blows against ISIS over the past couple of days. They also reported that they were advancing. A YPG sniper named Sidar said, “One needs to be on the trigger all the time. Fighting can break out day or night. We are also in our positions. The urban conflict the course of the battle does not change over days but over hours. Our resistance goes on like this.” Another YPG sniper named Dilxweş said “ the battle is Kobanê is being waged for all Kurds. We will not abandon it.”

The Course Of The Battle Is Going Well

A 42 year old resistance fighter named Doxan Amed said “I came following the call made by leader Apo to mobilize for Kobanê. Our morale is good. Now the course of the battle is going better. At first there were some dangers but over recent days they have been forced to pull back and we are moving forward.”

The Struggle Recognizes No Obstacles!

A fighter named Birûsk who is missing one hand and positioned in one of the most forward positions said, “that I am missing a hand is not an obstacle to struggle. While my friends are resting on the front my hand cannot be an obstacle for me. I am like them. In the face of these attacks we will not take a step back and we will resist. We will walk along the road shown to us by the memory of our martyrs and the philosophy of Leader Apo until our last drop of blood.”

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