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PKK Leader Öcalan: “Kobanê Is Everything To Us,” Warns Of End To Peace Process


PKK and Kurdish popular leader Abdullah Öcalan has warned his brother Mehmet that “JİTEM (an illegal paramilitary organization with longstanding connections to the Turkish military and state) was attempting to destroy the [peace] process “ during a visit at his prison on Imralı island – says an article written by Sadık Topalğlu for DİHA and carried in Özgür Gündem.

Öcalan added that “if JİTEM is not thwarted and once again put out of commission then this process would not go on.” Öcalan also spoke on the attacks on Kobanê and the subsequent uprisings in North Kurdistan, saying “Kurds should rise up everywhere against these policies.They should show great resistance to ISIS. If they do not do this today, tomorrow might be too late.”

Abdullah Öcalan’s brother Mehmet explained to DİHA that he spoke with the Kurdish leader as part of a 45 minute family visit earlier this week. He gave positive news about Öcalan’s health – saying it was much improved – and added that Öcalan had spoken about three main topic – the recent death of his older sister Havva, the siege of Kobanê, and the course of the peace process.

“Kurds Must Rise Up Everywhere Against The Attacks In Kobanê”

Öcalan called on the Kurds to rise up against the attacks on ISIS, saying “the Kurds are an oppressed people. The people of Kobanê are an oppressed people. They have just drawn a border between us. The people are where they are because of their own labor. They have developed a system proper to themselves. The state cannot tolerate this. They should have supported them but they did not…our people in Kobanê will resist to the end. Wherever ISIS is and wherever ISIS exists in regions where Kurds live we will resist to the end. There will be no compromise with ISIS. ISIS is an artificial organization. Wherever there is an attack against Kurds there must be a big response.”

Öcalan also stressed that certain international and regional powers were supporting ISIS with the goal of eliminating the Kurds, adding “no one has the right to destroy a people. Kurds should rise up everywhere against these policies.They should show great resistance to ISIS. If they do not do this today, tomorrow might be too late. Look at what they are doing some of them are having breakfast, some lunch and some dinner. This is not an acceptable situation. No one has the right to abandon Kobanê. There must be a great resistance to ISIS everywhere. Kobanê is everything to us. Every segment of society is involved in the process in Kobanê. The Kurdish people there is an umbrella. Turkmens, Arabs, Armenians and all the other ethnic groups there can carry on life together under this umbrella.”
“A Great Resistance Awaits The Kurds”

Öcalan went on to describe how Kurds wanted to live in peace with all the peoples of the region, saying “the Kurdish people want to build brotherhood with all groups. The Turks are also our brothers however there is law to brotherhood. If this law is not followed then this brotherhood is not a true brotherhood. It cannot be accepted. It must be true brotherhood.  The Kurdish people are not the enemies of any people. They are the friends of every people and group. Intellectual and democratic groups, every structure and color, should refuse to abandon the people of Kobanê. No one has the write to destroy or finish the Kurdish people. We do not accept this. Only one thing remains for the Kurds and that is a great resistance.”

“There Is A Peace Process In Theory But None In Practice”   

Öcalan spoke of the current impasse of the peace process, saying “we have nothing on our side. Whatever falls upon our shoulders we will we do it and we are doing it. However the process cannot be one-sided. In Turkey they are passing laws. They are saying let the people come back from Maxmur. Well did they pass a law about this? No, they did not pass any laws. They are saying let the Kurdish fighters come back but is there a law for this? No. Well what should the Kurds come back and do? Shall they come back, be arrested and thrown in prison? This is not something that can be accepted…If they want – and I have told them before – to start negotiations they should not put them off. It should be a true and proper negotiation. I said to them give me a secretary so that I can write what I want but they did not do this. There is a process in theory but none in practice. They process cannot go on in this way.”

Öcalan added that if the government did not take steps towards a real negotiation by October 15th then he would withdraw his support, saying “there is nothing left for me to do. They have been doing this for 5 years but nothing has come of it. This is not right.”

“JİTEM Must Be Put Out Of Commission”

Öcalan added that he thought “Jitem was working to destroy the process. If JİTEM is not thwarted and once again put out of commission then this process will no go on. Take the process out of the hands of JİTEM and direct it in a democratic manner. We are ready for everything but we want it to come from a true and proper process. We do not want delay tactics.” He also warned his people of the danger of ISIS, saying “Let our people be awake. It is not certain what will happen tomorrow. Let everyone show where they stand now. Tomorrow could be too late.”

Finally Öcalan sent his greetings to all those resisting ISIS and in particular the people of Kobanê.


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