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Fresh Clashes In Kobane, Heavy Fighting Reported


(ANF) Heavy fighting has broken out again in Kobanê this evening. ISIS, which has brought up reinforcements from centers like Rakka, Til Ebyad, and Minbic, has launched a new offensive. YPG/YPJ forces defending the city are currently engaged in fierce clashes with ISIS gangs on the eastern and southern fronts.

There are also reports that ISIS fighters have targeted the Mürşitpınar border gate.

Civilians Under Threat Of Massacre

The new ISIS attacks – and particularly ISIS’s attempt to capture the border crossing – have put the civilians in Kobanê at increased risk of massacre.

According to a statement made yesterday by the YPG thousands of civilians remain in the city and are being protected by their forces.

One comment on “Fresh Clashes In Kobane, Heavy Fighting Reported

  1. kalear
    October 9, 2014

    long live YPG and YPJ

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