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ISIS Suffering Heavy Losses In Street-to-street Fighting In Kobanê


(ANF) ISIS is suffering heavy losses at the hands of the YPG/YPJ and the armed citizens of Kobanê as they attempt to move into the city center. Many hundreds of ISIS fighters have died in the 22-day offensive on the canton and YPG forces killed at 67 more in the past 24 hours.

According to a statement released by the YPG Press Center clashes are intensifying on the southern and eastern fronts in the neighborhoods of Botan and Megtelm, as well as in the Kaniya Kurdan region to the northeast and around the foot of Miştenur hill.

The YPG Statement Reads:

“The attacks which ISIS began with the goal of capturing Kobanê are continuing into their 22nd day. Our forces dealt the gangs serious blows as they attacked on all three fronts covered by an artillery barrage.

The fighting has intensified in the neighborhoods of Botan and Megtel on the southern and eastern fronts, around the foot of Miştenur, and on the northeast edge of the city around the Kaniya Kurdan region. This morning an attack on the Kaniya Kurdan region was repulsed. In all areas violent, hand-to-hand fighting has taken place. ISIS is also shelling the Kobanê city center with tank and artillery fire.

Last night our forces attacked gang members located behind Miştenur hill. In the course of the attack two vehicles were destroyed and those inside killed. Our forces also destroyed an ISIS tank this afternoon around the base of Miştenur hill.

In fighting over the last 24 hours 67 gang members have been confirmed killed.

12 of our comrades who defended Kobanê with such determination and commitment and which are examples of sacrifice were also martyred in last night’s clashes.”


One comment on “ISIS Suffering Heavy Losses In Street-to-street Fighting In Kobanê

  1. goddy
    November 11, 2014

    its a pitty isis is at there last bus stop some one decive this men into dis mess i hope d devil will be linet wit dem when dey got to hell how i wish dey can hear de cry of there past heroes in hell

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