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Turkey Arresting Journalists Crossing From Kobanê

(ANF) Journalists who had been covering the ISIS on attacks on Kobanê for over 21 days and brought them to the attention of the world have been arrested by Turkish soldiers as they attempted to cross the border at the Mürşitpinar Border Crossing.

The journalists were attempting to evacuate Kobanê for security reasons as street-to-street fighting broke out in the city. Journalists Mustafa Bali (Özgür Basın), Xizna Bado (Ronahi TV) were detained at the border. ANHA reporter Lezgin İbrahim and another unidentified journalist continue to be held at a local military base.

The arrests follow a media crackdown on the Turkish-side of the border yesterday in which international press – including the BBC – were attacked by Turkish police as they attempted to cover the battle. Turkey is not allowing journalists access to the border.


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