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Turkish Army And ISIS Working Together, Torturing Civilians Around Kobanê


Local residents are claiming that ISIS fighters and Turkish soldiers attached to the Karaca military base met last night in the border region near Kobanê, according to an article from DİHA carried by Özgür Gündem. Residents of the village of Boydê who witnessed the event said that the ISIS fighters arrived in vehicles and were provided with certain supplies by the Turkish soldiers before crossing back into Syria.

Locals described how the ISIS fighters arrived in a white minibus with darkened windows and seemed entirely familiar around the Turkish soldiers. They contrasted the treatment received by ISIS fighters with the treatment received by refugees fleeing Kobanê. Fuat Tilgen, a resident of the village who witnessed the events, said he went outside yesterday evening after hearing a number of pistol shots. He explained how two residents of Kobanê who were attempting to cross the border with their animals were captured  by Turkish soldiers from the Karaca base and beaten for hours.

Tilgen explained that around midnight he noticed more movement along the border. A white civilian minivan crossed through the border fence and passed by the Turkish armored vehicles through the crowds waiting to cross the border in the mined border-zone. “Around fifteen people got out of the vehicle,” he said “in fact these kind of vehicles have been seen all over the border for the past week. The people who got out of the van began to attack people. The fired off a couple of shots with a pistol. All of them then fled to the east, to a area of pistachio groves. We wondered what had happened and went a little out of the village. Then another vehicle entered the crowd from this side. Then screaming and shouting started. It didn’t stop for half an hour.”

He went on to describe how after these men had driven the families from Kobanê away to the east a new minibus arrived, saying “another vehicle came up along aside the soldiers at the place where the residents of Kobanê had first been. At first the soldiers moved away a little however then they called out saying ‘soldier, soldier.’ The soldiers came back and went over to the civilian vehicle. They began to speak about something but we couldn’t understand much. Then another vehicle came and they began to give them things. In fact they turned off two of the lamps which lit the street. It was obvious that whatever they put in the vehicle were very heavy. They were not bags or something like that, but resembled larged drums. Then the minibus drove away and crossed the railway and went off to the East.”

“They Tortured A Child From Kobanê For Hours”

Tilgen also explained how the Turkish soldiers continued their attack on the residents of Kobanê after they handed over the supplies to the ISIS fighters. He described how they tortured one child for hours, saying “the sound of the stick with which they beat that child reached all the way across the border. They hung him up by his feet and made him say ‘Yek Türkiye, dû Türkiye, sê Türkiye’ (‘One Turkey, Two Turkey, Three Turkey’). Then we shone a flashlight across the border. The soldiers released the child, and the tank also pulled away. Now it was close to 5:00 am and the events were over.”

Mahmud İbrahim, a resident of Kobanê who was apprehend by Turkish soldiers and tortured said that “as we tried to cross over to Turkey soldiers attacked us with clubs and rifle-butts. After they beat us up they threw me and a couple more people into the barbed war. Before they threw me into the wire they held my mouth shut and tried to suffocate me. I collapsed but they didn’t stop. Then I acted like I was dead and they had to throw me into the barbed wire. Later I was able to crawl under the wire to the village of Boydê.”

Another resident of Kobanê, Şergo Şexo, described another instance of violence against civilians by Turkish soldiers.  He said that as he went across the border to buy bread during the night the Turkish soldiers noticed a family a little ahead of him and they apprehended a man and woman. They then beat them for hours and destroyed their car. “The soldiers tied the man and woman to the back of a armored vehicle” he said “and dragged them for meters and meters around the minefield.”

Şexo also described how a vehicle belonging to ISIS arrived from Til Şêar and crossed the railroad, saying “the ISIS members pulled the families from their cars and told them to leave the area. When people did not leave but resisted they pulled out weapons and threatened to kill them. After they forced the residents of Kobanê to leave the area they came up to the Turkish border and then a vehicle came from the Turkish base and spoke with them. A member of ISIS who spoke Turkish served as a translator for the soldiers. After they spoke for a little while, a vehicle from Turkey showed up and unloaded what I thought was a box from the car and put it in the ISIS car.”


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