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People Of Kobanê Fully Mobilized For Defense Of City


The following article is a translation of “Kobanê’de halk ‘öz savuma’ ile direnecek” by İsmail Eskin and originally appeared in Özgür Gündem.

The people taking part in the historical Kobanê resistance are defending themselves by developing new tactics against the ISIS gangs in order to counter their heavy weapons. Bihar Kobanê, a commander Yekitiya Star, has called upon everyone to be on the side of the people of Kobanê, saying “everyone with a consciousness will stand up against this. Death happens but once. But in order to save humanity and our honor we must stand up against this and we must resist. In Kobanê everyone is mobilized for resistance.”

YPG/YPJ forces together with local militias are continuing to provide for the self-defense of the canton in their historical resistance to the attacks by the ISIS gangs. Today marks the 18th day since the people of Kobanê took up arms and refused to allow their homes to be occupied despite the use of much heavier weapons employed by ISIS. The YPG/YPJ forces who have stressed that they will not abandon Kobanê to the gangs and will struggle against the gangs and their minions until their last drop of blood are continuing in their magnificent resistance on all fronts. The gangs -which have surrounded Kobanê with all of their military equipment and tens of thousands of fighters and which have not been able to enter owing to the resistance of the defense forces – are now periodically shelling the city with rockets and mortars. In the canton, which now awaits the next rocket or artillery attack, every man and woman, young and old, has taken up arms.  The people, who are organizing the self-defense of the canton neighborhood by neighborhood, have completed their preparations in case that the fighting – increasing around the canton – makes its way into the city. A new period of resistance will begin if the ISIS gangs which have been unsuccessfully attacking the lines held by the defense forces – which remain committed and in high spirits – are able to enter the canton.

‘Our Defenses Will Be Hell For ISIS’

Bihar Kobanê, a Yekitiya Star commander and one of those organizing the people of Kobanê, affirmed that defense systems were in place and that the resistance continued with the utmost commitment. She affirmed that the people, the government and the defense forces had been all preparations, saying “everyone is doing everything they can. Everyone is mobilized for the resistance.” Evaluating the airstrikes carried out by coalition forces, Bihar said that more must be done and they must be better targeted. She went on to say that “ISIS is an enemy of all humanity” and that actions of this savage organization had nothing to do with humanity, saying “everyone with a consciousness will stand up against them. Death happens but once. But in order to save humanity and our honor we must stand up against this and we must resist. In Kobanê everyone is mobilized for resistance.”

She called on international powers to take immediate action, saying that eventually the ISIS gangs would harm everyone. She stressed that everyone who calls herself a human-being must also act, saying “that all segments of our people, the young and the old are here resisting.” She drew attention to the fact that ISIS planned to carry out a massacre of civilians in Kobanê and were already targeting civilians with their heavy weapons. Finally she said that “we will do everything in our power to to keep the enemy from getting in and we have made all preparations…the lines of defense we have prepared will be hell for ISIS.”


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