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Clashes Again Intensifying Around Kobanê


(ANF) The attack launched by the Islamic State (ISIS) against Kobanê, with what many locals claim is the support of the Turkish state, has entered its 10th day. Fighting on the both the eastern and western fronts began again yesterday evening has intensified throughout the day as YPG forces continue to offer stiff resistance to the ISIS offensive.

On the eastern front ISIS has suffered scores of casualties over the past day as it had attempted to advance on the city.

On the western front ISIS fighters were driven from the Til Dolê hills by YPG fighters yesterday evening. This morning ISIS regrouped in the area and is attempting to recapture the hills from the YPG. Fighting for the area is ongoing.

On the third front to the south ISIS fighters attempting to infiltrate Kobanê fell into a YPG ambush, according to information obtained from local sources by the ANHA correspondent on the ground in Kobanê. Many ISIS fighters were killed and their corpses remain between YPG and ISIS positions.

ISIS has launched a second attack using armor in an attempt to retrieve the bodies and violent clashes are continuing in the area as well.

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