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Guerillas Liberate Five Villages From ISIS In Maxmur


(ANF) The Maxmur Resistance Units have released a statement concerning the progress of military operations in the Maxmur region. In operations beginning yesterday evening and lasting until early this morning, the guerrilla forces liberated five villages and killed 20 ISIS fighters. Three guerrillas also lost their lives in the fighting.

According to the statement the Maxmur Resistance Forces launched a joint operation with peşmerge forces in which they succeeded in liberating the villages of Leçeka, Mahmudiye, Xırbanê, Reşidiye and Fatıma. A large quantity of military equipment and ammunition was also destroyed or captured.

Three Guerrillas Killed In Fighting

The statement also confirmed the death of three guerrillas in the fighting. Avesta Harun Van, Hasan Bodık (codename: Diyar Şerevê, born 1987 in Afrin Şerava), and Ramazan Akar (codename Siyabende Zap, born 1989 in Hakkari) lost their lives in yesterday’s clashes.

The statement concluded with the words “the Maxmur Resistance Units promise to resist until the end against all threats and attacks against Kurdistan, to walk in the path of our martyred comrades, and to remain committed to the memory of our martyrs. In addition the personal details of our guerrillas who have been martyred will be released to the public shortly.”


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