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Fighting In Kobanê: 8 ISIS Fighters Killed


(ANF) 8 fighters with the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) were killed and 17 wounded by YPG forces as ISIS continued its attack on the Kobanê Canton of Rojava  .

Violent clahses erupted when ISIS was engaged YPG forces as it prepared to attack the village of el Ehmediye to the east of Kobanê. 7 ISIS fighters were killed and 15 wounded in fighting that went on for three hours.

1 ISIS fighter was also killed and two wounded in the village of Talik, to the west of Kobanê, as ISIS attempted to enter the area. Following the fighting ISIS was forced to withdraw from the area.

ISIS also bombarded the village of Zerk, 40 km west of Kobanê, with tank and artilerry fire. A large number of civilians are reported to have been wounded in the attack and the village suffered extensive material damage.

A house was also entirely destroyed by ISIS shelling near the village of Cib el Ferec.

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