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Dam Disaster In Northern Kurdistan, 30 Reported Missing


Around 30 people are said to be missing and feared drowned following a dam breach in the Alkumru Dan in the Province of Siirt, according to an article from Radikal. Between 6 and 10 people are reported to have been pulled from the water by local bystanders and emergency teams. There are conflicting reports as to the cause of the accident.

The accident took place at around 18:00 local time this evening following a breach in the dam reported . The dam is located on the Botan Çayı (Stream) in the district of Tillo. The Siirt District Governor Mustafa Pala has said the area in which the disaster occurred is located in a ‘forbidden’ zone, according to a report from TR24.

“At around 18:00” he said “water breached the doors of the reservoir. Picnickers had arrived in the forbidden zone. Alarms and sirens went off. However the picnickers could not save themselves from the water. 10 people were saved by our emergency teams. Our work to locate survivors continues.”

8 people were transported to hospital, with 2 in serious condition. Hundreds have gathered at the Siirt State Hospital as word of the disaster spread. Siirt co-President Tuncer Bakırhan said that at least 30 people could have been killed as a result.

Siirt District Governor Mustafa Pala, on the other hand, down played reports of the disaster, saying “No one needs to panic. A short while ago four people carried away by the water were rescued by our emergency teams. In fact as of this hour there is no confirmation of any loss, death or injury other than the 6 who were rescued and are in hospital. Despite this our emergency teams are continuing their search at the site of thee accident.”

Turkish PM and President-Elect Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was informed about the accident in the course of a visit to the Yenimahalle State Hospital where met with individuals injured in the Gaza Conflict.

The Botan Çayı is a tributary of the Dicle River, into which it flows in the district of Cizre in Şirnak Province. Residents of Cizre were warned to move away from the riverbanks on municipal loudspeakers.

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