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New YPG Brigade Formed In Kobanê

ypgtugay(ANF) A new YPG brigade has been formed in Kobanê by local youths in response to a call for mobilization following the most recent wave of attacks launched the the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) on the canton. The “Martyr Hogir Brigade” is composed of recruits from different parts of Kurdistan and it made up of three battalions with a total of around 100 fighters.

The formation of the brigade follow the formation of another brigade last week, pointing to a steady increase in the amount of recruits coming from other parts of Kurdistan and abroad. The ceremony marking its formation took place in both Kurdish and Turkish. Ciwan Türko, speaking at the ceremony, told those present that they had come to fight in Kobanê because they could no longer ignore the dirty policies being implemented in the Middle East and wanted to take a position against this injustice.

Türko noted that the policies of imperialist powers in the Middle East were wrong, saying “we have come to fight against an ISIS which is fed and supported by imperialist powers. We are here to support of the honorable resistance in Rojava made by the Kurdish movement.” Türko went on to affirm that they would do everything necessary to realize their dreams of freedom, saying “that the lie presented in Turkey is wrong is entirely clear. We invite everyone to wake up to this lie. We call on all youth to heed the call for mobilization made by our leadership and join the ranks of the YPG and YPJ.”

Following Türko’s remarks the recruits chanted slogans such as “Bijî Serok Apo” (Long live President Apo) “Biji berxwedana YPG” (Long live the resistance of the YPG) ve “Bijî berxwedana Kobanê” (Long live the resistance of Kobanê).

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