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YPG Denies Border Clashes, Accuses Turkish Army Of Provocation


(ANF) The Turkish army opened fire on YPG positions along the border with Ceylanpınar today, a day after it accused YPG fighters of killing three of its soldiers in clashes Monday night. The YPG, who denies these accusations, did not return fire.

According to available information Turkish soldiers based in the village of Altın in the Ceylanpınar district of Urfa province began firing across the border on YPG/YPJ positions in the village of Elok near Serêkaniye around 7:00 am local time.  Although YPG forces did not respond, Turkish fire continued until around 11:00.

Urfa Provincial Governor (Vali) İzzettin Küçük told reporters that a new clash had taken place. Yesterday the Turkish General Command blamed the PYD – one of the main Kurdish parties in Rojava Kurdistan – of killing 3 of its soldiers in clashes on Monday night, July 21st. The Turkish General Command also claims Turkish soldiers killed 6 ‘PYD/PKK fighters’.

Officials in Rojava Kurdistan said that no clashes had been taken place between the Turkish army and the YPG – the armed self-defense of Rojava- and that no YPG fighters had been killed. They also accused Turkey of engaging in provocations to discredit the PYD and justify further pressure on Rojava.

Turkey is widely reported to be supporting the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) in its ongoing attacks on Rojava.

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