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YPG: Victory Will Be Ours


YPG Commander Sipan Hemo marked the second anniversary of the Rojava Revolution by pledging victory to his people, saying “our promise to our people is victory…thanks to our martyrs we are making history” – according to a report written by Seyit Evran for ANF and carried by Özgür Gündem.

Rojava Will Be The One To Win

These words were taken from a statement by the YPG General Commander Sipan Hemo released to mark the anniversary of the Rojava Revolution. In the statement Hemo draws attention to the important changes in the Middle East and says that Kurds resisting in Kobanê will emerge victorious. Hemo also noted that this anniversary was particularly meaningful in light of the intensity of the vicious attacks currently being carried out by the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) in Kobanê. On this subject Hemo said “we the YPG, the people of Rojava and all the people of Kurdistan will certainly celebrate these revolutionary days full of happiness, beauty and freedom with great enthusiasm and in high spirits. Hemo, recalling that the Rojava Revolution was resisting against the sustained attacks of international and regional powers, said “although these attacks did not just begin we are entering history with the resistance we have shown over the past 14 days.”

All Plans For Kobanê Spoiled

Hemo, pointing to how the resistance against ISIS was making history, continued by saying “the whole should know that these are not ordinary attacks without a deeper objective. Many different powers are behind them. The resistance growing in its symbolic power in Kobanê will be an example for Kurdistan, the Middle East and the whole world.”

Hemo, stressing that the Kobanê resistance had upset all the policies and plots of international and regionlar powers for Rojava, said “as the July 19th Revolution enters its third year no one should doubt that we the YPG will continue to do everything that falls to us to resist and achieve great successes today and tomorrow just as yesterday.” Hemo said that the Kobanê resistance would bring freedom to Kurdistan, concluding by saying “we as the YPG want to give our people this promise in the third year of the July 19th Revolution. The resistance in Kobanê will be the victory which bestows freedom on the whole of Kurdistan. With the truth of a resisting people victory will be ours.”

They Joined The YPG With Their Instruments  

The number of people joining the YPG and YPJ continues to grow everyday. According to available information hundreds have joined since the start of the recent fighting in Kobanê, and yesterday evening 5 members of the Koma Hevi music group joined the YPG and YPJ as part of an action organized by the Riha (Urfa) branch of the MKM, together with their instruments.

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