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Fierce Clashes Between YPG And ISIS in Kobanê


(ANF/KOBANÊ) Fighting in the Kobanê Canton of Rojava is at its fiercest point in months. The most recent wave of fighting follows an offensive launched by the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) against the canton in March. Following heavy losses inflicted by the YPG the ISIS was compelled to halt their assault, but ISIS has re-intensified its efforts to push on Kobanê following a string of victories in Iraq and have transported many weapons captured there for use on the Kobanê front.

The most recent outbreak of fighting began yesterday at around 11:00 am in the village of Zor Mezar, 35 km to the west of the Kobanê city center. ISIS, based in the village of Xerab Eto, began their offensive by attacking Zor Mexar with heavy weapons.

According to the YPG press office 30 ISIS were killed in the first day of fighting, and one tank and one military transport vehicle were destroyed. Fighting continued through the night and early this morning YPG forces targeted ISIS in the village of Xerab Eto, destroying three ISIS outposts. Many ISIS fighters were also reported to have been killed in these clashes but exact figures remain lacking.

bISIS Bringing Weapons And Men From Iraq

It has been learned that ISIS brought many of the heavy weapons used in the clashes from Iraq. ISIS has made significant advances through northern and western Iraq since June 9th, including the capture of Mosul. ISIS was able to capture a large quantity of weapons and equipment when the Iraqi army fled without resistance.

Two of the three principal border crossings between Iraq and Syria are now controlled by ISIS. The Rabia-Til Koçer border crossing is under the control of the YPG and Peşmerge forces.

The ISIS offensive against Kobanê began at the beginning of March, but was largely halted by the first week of May following heavy losses suffered by ISIS. At least 28 foreign ISIS fighters were by the YPG since May 1st, but fighting over the last two days marks a new direction in the fighting.

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