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Cizîrê Canton’s Revolutionary Youth Movement Holds First Conference


The Revolutionary Youth Movement of the Cizîrê Canton held its first conference on June 1st in the city of Rimêlan, according to an article in today’s Özgür Gündem. 180 delegates took part in the conference, where the political and organizational situation in the Cizîre Canton was debated and important decisions were taken.

In their evaluation of the political situation in Rojava, the delegate pointed to plots against the people of Rojava and the project of democratic autonomy implemented by Turkey, Iran, Syria and the KDP. They youths, who called on the people to stand behind the YPG and the YPJ against these plots against the Rojava experiment, stressed the need to struggle everywhere against imperialism.

The youth delegates at the conference decided on a number of important resolutions, including resolutions to grow the ideological struggle around revolutionary principles; to increase knowledge about Rojava’s autonomy in the international arena; to form self-defense committees and recruit 2000 people to join the YPG/YPJ in the coming year; to open new cultural organizations and work around culture; to activate sports and art organizations; to organize celebrations around the July 19th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution.

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