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Rojava In Need Of Medicine And Other Medical Supplies


Illnesses not seen in years have begun to reappear in Rojava owing to the problems resulting from the embargo in place against the three Rojava cantons, according to an article compiled by DİHA and carried in Özgür Gündem. Doctors from Rojava have called upon international public and Kurdish public opinion to push for the lifting of the embargo.

In the 6th Mesopotamia Medical Congress which took place in the city of Mêrdîn (Turkish: Mardin) in recent days, doctors from the Cizîre Canton of Rojava enumerated the medical problems they faced owing to the embargo and incessant attacks. Pediatrician Cihan Şahîn explained that while Kurdish doctors could still deal with the injured of Rojava themselves, that aid to Rojava needed to increase for them to be effective. Şahin went on to stress that  shortages of supplies are creating great difficulties and that they needed support in the provision of medicine and medical equipment.

New Conditions Are Appearing

Dr. Xamgîn Suleyman explained that people fleeing from other regions of Syria and taking refuge in Rojava had brought new conditions with them and that this was creating new problems. In particular Dr. Suleyman pointed to people fleeing from in and around Aleppo where chemical weapons have been used and caused many different medical problems, saying “before the revolution there were not this many ill people. We do not have the medicine to treat some of the patients we encounter.”

Cardiologist Dr. Xesen Misto explained that doctors in Rojava were facing many difficult cases, including cases of measles which had not been seen in Rojava in 25 years. Dr. Mistro stressed that under such circumstances the question of medical aid for Rojava was one of life or death, saying “we need medical aid if we are going to be able to treat these sick persons. We expect the embargo on Rojava to be immediately lifted and for organizations and foundations aware of this situation to help us.”

2 comments on “Rojava In Need Of Medicine And Other Medical Supplies

  1. malinowski
    June 4, 2014

    OK, but how to help?? I live in France and i really want to help kurdish in rojava, but how??
    Send me an email, tell me how to help.Please. I am not as rich as i would like but i can help because i often travel to the border with turkey, and kurdistan is my homeland in heart

  2. Fernando
    August 4, 2014

    Thank you for posting this article. I enjoyed reading it!

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