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Roboski Mothers In Soma


The mothers who hearts were broken by bombs have embraced the mothers whose hearts are burning in the coal mines, according to an article from Özgür Gündem.

The families of 34 Kurds killed by a state bombing attack in Roboski in 2011 have met with families of workers from Soma. The Roboski mothers and the families of the workers prayed together for the souls of the murdered. Veli Encü, speaking for the Roboski families, said that “pain dimishes when it is shared. There is the same pain in Roboski and Soma. And it is the same power creating this pain.”

Our Pain Diminishes When It Is Shared

Families who lost loved oneds in the Turkish state’s Roboski massacre have visited the graves of workers killed in the mine diaster in Soma. The families came to the Muncipal cementary where they prayed for the workers and poured water on their graves.

The Roboski families, who left Izmir for Soma early in the morning accompanied by the officials with TAY-DER, İHD, ÖHD, were stopped by security officials at the entrance of town. In keeping with a decision made the Soma state-appointed govenenor (kaymakam), the Roboski families were escorted away from the city center and toward the Soma Cementary.

Veli Encü made a statement on behalf of the Roboski families as they left the cementary, remarking that they expirienced a similar pain to what they saw in Soma, saying “we visited the graves of our brothers who were martyed in order to make a living.”

Our Pain Is The Same Pain

Encü spoke of the need to share pain in common, to see such pain as the same and to respond with respect and empathy, saying “pain dimishes when it is shared. We are here with this goal, despite all the critism and reactions. We are compelled to share this truth, as much as the pain is the same in Roboski and Soma those causing this pain are also the same. That they called it an ‘accident’ when our loved ones were murdered in a planned way in Roboski, and that they called it ‘fate’ and said ‘’it’s the nature of this work’ when our brother miners were left to die through negligence in Soma is an indication that they still have not learned any lessons from all of this pain and death.”

After the Roboski mothers left the cementary to visit the families of killed miners in village of Elmadere in the district of Kınık. in the village the delegation met the Selcan Yıldırım, the mother of Doğan Yıldırım who lost his life in the mine. As a Roboski mother said “we have come here to share your pain” Selcan Yıldırım said “Our pain is deep, we left our rosey children under the earth.” Then the Roboski families vwent to the homes of Sami abd lkay Yıldırım, both killed in the diaster, where they were met by the men’s families.

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