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Regime Attacks In Hesekê, ISIS Kidnaps Civilians in Kobanê


(ANF) Syrian regime forces have attacked a fire station under the control of YPG faces in Hesekê, while in Kobanê gangs affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) have kidnapped a group of 15 women and children.

According to information obtained from YPG sources, regime forces attacked a fire station under control of YPG fighters in the Til Tecer neighborhood of Hesekê. YPG forces responded, destroying at least one regime vehicle in the subsequent clashes, and killing and wounded a large number of regime soldiers, although the exact number remains unknown. Regime forces were eventually forced to withdraw and the fire station, which was captured by the YPG forces in fighting yesterday, remains under YPG control.

Fighting between regime forces and the YPG yesterday in Hesekê began when regime forces launched an attack on a checkpoint run by Rojava public security (asayiş) members in the Aziziye neighborhood. The YPG  responded with attacks against regime forces throughout the city. Fighting continued until late into the night, and the YPG forces managed to capture the city’s water-treatment center, its bus-station, the fire station and the Sina road. 20 regime soldiers were killed and 15 wounded in the clashes. 1 public security member and 3 YPG fighters were also killed.

Today around noon, local time, regime forces attacked various Kurdish businesses in the city center, kidnapping 5 Kurdish civişans – Siûd Salih Hesen, Seyfedîn Selman, Bahoz Ebdurehman, Îmad Salih Xelef Ebûd Mihemed Xişo.

ISIS Kidnap 15 Kurdish Civilians In Kobanê

An ISIS gang kidnapped a group of 15 Kurdish civilians, most of them women and children, in the village of Kun Etar in the Kobanê Canton of Rojava. According to available information, the kidnappings followed an ISIS attack on the village which lies in the south-west of the canton and on the very front between the YPG and ISIS.

ISIS has been attempting to to seize control of the Kobanê Canton since the beginning of March,  while the YPG have put up strong resistance and have largely prevented ISIS encroachment into the canton.

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