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Body Of YPG Commander Brought To Amed


(ANF/MARDİN) The body of YPG commander Cüneyt Alparslan, who was killed in fighting with ISIS gangs near the city of Derik in the Cizîre Canton of Rojava, was brought to Amed (Diyarbakir) for a state-mandated autopsy.

Alparslan’s body was handed over to family members and Turkish officials at the Kızıltepe Şenyurt (Kurdish: Dibesiye) border crossing, from where it was brought to the Kiziltepe State hospital for an official autopsy. When a doctor was unavailable for the autopsy, his body was brought to Diyarbakir.

Alparslan’s family traveled from Van to the Turkish-Syrian border to receive the body. They were accompanied by Van MP and Co-President of the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Aysel Tuğluk, the HDP Mardin MP Gülser Yıldırım, the Mardin Co-President of the BDP Hasibe Mengirkaon, the HDP provincial president Arif Turgay, the co-Mayors of Greater Mardin Municipality Februniye Aykol and Ahmet Turk, as well as the co-mayors of Nusaybin, Kızıltepe, Savurç Artuklu, and Ömnerli, members of the MEYA-DER and the Mothers of Peace Initiative, as well as hundreds of members of the general public.

A large convoy of vehicles accompanied Alparslan’s body from Kızıktepe to Amed. Passengers chanted slogans such as “şehid namirin” (martyrs do not die) and flew flags of the PKK. Photographs of Alparslan and Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, as well as PKK and YPG flags, were draped over the ambulance carrying his body. Hundreds of more people met the convoy as it entered Diyarbakir.

Following an autopsy in Diyarbakir his body will be transported to his home in the village of Yumruklu, in the district of Özalp in Van Province, where he will be laid to rest.


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