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KCK Offers Condolences To People Of Soma, Condemns Capitalist Exploitation


(ANF/BEHDİNAN) The KCK’s Executive Council has released a statement offering its condolences to the people of Soma, where an ongoing mining disaster has killed at least 245 people. The message offered support for the victims and their families, and condemned the current state of capitalist exploitation in Turkey. Below is a translation of the message from Turkish.

We extend our condolences to the families of the hundreds of mineworkers who lost their lives in the Soma district of Manıisa and we wish the injured a speedy recovery. We the Kurdish Freedom Movement and Kurdish people are on their side and share their pain. The Kurdish people and democratic forces we fulfil all responsibilities which fall to them in order to share in the pain of the families of the injured and dead.

The death of hundreds of mineworkers is not an accident, it is murder. In Turkey it is not workplace safety that is the guiding principle, but low-cost production. Not only are workers compelled to work for low wages, but the goal is to extract the maximum amount of profit in the shortest amount of time without taking any work safety precautions in order to generate wealth. This exploitive order is not only in the mines, but is seen at all workplaces in Turkey. We are confronted with continuous images such as agricultural workers killed in road accidents. Turkey is an exploitive hell, a country which disregards workplace safety and relies on cheap labor power. International corporations invest heavily and and make substantial profits in Turkey as a country which disregards workplace safety. Kurdish, Turkish, Laz, Circassian and all other workers in Turkey have been made into an object of profit extraction not only by the Turkish bourgeoisie but by international capital.

The Prime Minister continually speaks of how economic indicators are good in Turkey. These deaths are the indicators of which he speaks and the result of workers toiling in slavery. Turkey, with its current status as a country of cheap labor and unsafe working conditions, is the 21st century version of the historical systems of slavery in Sumer and Ancient Egypt. Workers in Turkey have access to more and different consumer goods than slaves in Sumer and Egypt. In fact capitalism increases its exploitation and maintains itself by making people dependent on consumer goods. Erdoğan is simply the 21st Century version of the kings of these kinds of slave empires.

The capitalist system in today’s world has become a heavy burden on humanity and nature, and the system of exploitative, oppressive, modern slavery in Turkey has also become unnecessary from the perspective of the peoples of Turkey.  Liberation will come in the form of democratic modernity’s communal economy based on eco-industry and a democratic communal system which will replace the system of capitalist modernity. A communal democratic system based on democratic confederalism is not only an alternative for economic problems but the only alternative for all political, social and cultural problems and the proper way to a solution. These murders are the product of an industrialization which is the biggest threat to humanity. The way to prevent these kinds of massacres is to transition to a communal economic system based on eco-industry. Therefore we call on the peoples of Turkey to come together and launch a common struggle to create an economic and social life based on the eco-industry of communal democracy and radical democracy on the foundation of democratic confederalism.


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